Case Study: Airline logistics firm delivers customer luggage faster with Virtual Salesforce Developer

Airport Ground Handlers (AGH), a leader in logistics and ground services to airlines serving New York metropolitan airports partnered with Klimvia to build a customer-centric luggage tracking application. With the development skills from a Klimvia Virtual Developer, AGH quickly rolled-out a mobile luggage tracking system that revolutionized their process.


AGH wanted to replace its paper-based process for repatriating lost luggage with a Salesforce-based system that would improve their customer service, without having to hire an outside consultant. Their internal team had a talented Salesforce administrator, but they did not have the development skills to build a mobile application.


Klimvia provided a Virtual Salesforce Developer that joined the AGH team to transform their ideas into reality. With the additional technical talent, AGH was able to quickly develop and roll out a Salesforce mobile app that managed bags throughout their repatriation lifecycle – enabling AGH to deliver a new standard of service for their customers.

As part of their build, the AGH team was able to :

  • Provide a real-time, 360º-view of luggage in-process; all within Salesforce
  • Send customer notifications via SMS text messages
  • Integrate and streamline billing processes


Klimvia successfully helped AGH build a mobile application that transformed its day-to-day operations. AGH is now has:

  • Reduced invoicing effort from 92%
  • 277% increase in system efficiency
  • Zero-new software costs

The talent we needed

We own Salesforce but were not using it to its full potential. We needed help managing our Salesforce org so we could focus on running our business. Klimvia had the talent we needed to optimize our Salesforce use cases, and now our business runs more efficiently, and they didn't break the bank to make it happen!

Joseph Jerez , Director of Operations


Virtual Salesforce Developer

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